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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Well this week was just a little bit of everything. :) It was a little rough as far as missionary work goes, but we also had some incredible experiences and I learned so much. It`s always that harder times that the Lord uses to teach us. :) On Tuesday we got a little surprise and received a new companion. She is from Peru and is waiting for her passport to leave for her mission in El Salvador. She was planning on staying about 2 weeks but then Tuesday night we received a call that everything had come through and she could leave. So really it was only for 1 day but it was still a really good experience for us to have to adapt and work with another missionary. It gave me a little glimpse of what it`ll be like when we have transfers soon. I`ve gotten so used to my area and Hermana Davis so it`ll be an adventure :) 

We also had a big multi-zone meeting this week with President and it was a spiritual feast! We learned so much and I am so grateful for my wonderful leaders and the people I am here serving with. They are inspired by God. And we got to eat Subway for lunch with chocolate chip cookies which was super exciting :) 

I was a little worried with how this week would go with Steven leaving for the MTC. I was worried about how I would handle it and whether or not I would be able to focus. But I prayed a lot and really asked the Lord to bless and protect him and then help me to focus here on what I needed to do. I was blessed with such peace the whole week and knew that he would be taken care of. The Lord is so good and as we dedicate ourselves to him he always takes care of the rest. I`m super excited for him though and know he will be an amazing missionary. 

This week something else exciting happened...I completed 5 months in the mission!!!! WOW! Time is going by so fast, I can`t even believe it! I`ve learned so much in this short time and can`t even imagine how much more I’m going to be learning in the coming 13. 

Just an update on some investigators:
Please pray for her!!!!! She has accepted baptism for the end of July so we are working really hard with her to get her ready. She is about 33 years old and has a son who is a member. She is a single mom and also has cancer so she is very stressed and trying to deal with treatments while still trying to provide for their family. She really feels like it is her time to turn things over to God and has faith that he will bless them. Her son, M..., has gone inactive but is still such a good kid. He`s 15 so I think it`s hard for him to be the only member in his family. But he is super excited for his mom and now is helping us in the lessons to teach her and I can already see the blessings that are coming into their family. Please pray for them. 

She is 22 years old and studying here in Lima and living with family who are all members. She is awesome and really has a desire to learn. She is praying about baptism and trying to overcome some doubts that she has. 

She is coming to church and activities but still won`t accept a baptismal date. Her husband is atheist so I think she’s a little afraid of him and what he will say. But she has some family problems and is really just looking for peace and help. She is bringing her kids to church now too and they are starting to like it more and more. Please keep praying for them and that we can find how to help her have the faith to move forward and be an example for her family.

Thank you for all the love and support. I`m doing so well and love being a missionary. It isn`t always easy but it`s always worth it and the experiences I’m having I wouldn`t trade for anything. I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Cox

Matching Scarfs :) Our whole zone bought matching ties and scarfs because we sang in the multi-zone conference. It was super fun and I also sang in a little group of soloists as well....wow, i`m so brave now ;)

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