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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Wow, this week flew by! But it was an awesome one and I learned so much. We started off with a fun Pday where we got together with another zone and had a marshmallow war with pvc tubes as guns. It was pretty fun. :) Also Elder Taylor Griffin from my stake was in the other zone so I got to say hello to him and talk for a minute. He`s doing really well and almost has a year in the mission now! So crazy! 

Then I also found out that I am going to be the new English teacher in our zone....ahhhh! I am a little nervous about it but I know the Lord will help me. We have an hour long "English Class" every week before our district meeting to help the Latino missionaries learn English. It went pretty well and I`m excited to keep working with them and help them learn. 

We also got to go on Divisions this week, which means that one of our Sister leaders comes to our area and she stayed with Hermana Davis and then I went to their area with the other Sister for the day. It was so good for me to get out of my area for a day and see a new part of Lima and spend the day learning from Hermana Ossola. She is from Colorado and is absolutely awesome! I love her so much and learned so much from her. She really helped me remember the joy of being a missionary and that it`s about loving and enjoying every experience. Such a good boost for me this week. 

My awesome Hermana Leaders that we had divisions with this week.

On Sunday we celebrated Father`s day with a super special event...The Trujillo, Peru temple was dedicated!!! Wow, it was such a beautiful dedication and we got to see the corner stone ceremony and everything. All through transmission to the Stake Center of course, but sooo fun. Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came as well as the area presidency for the South America West area. We brought 3 of our recent converts too which was so neat and they loved it. We are so blessed to have temples and to be able to receive the strength we need and feel close to the Lord there. And to be able to bring even more people who have already passed beyond this life to their Savior. 

We spent the day with lots of members since it was harder to find people to teach being Father`s day. It was a little strange not being with my family or being able to tell my Father how much I loved him and celebrate with him, but I was able to focus more on honoring and celebrating my Heavenly Father and giving him gifts of service and love to his children. It was a really special and beautiful day. 

I hope Steven`s farewell was so fun! I thought about you all day and was there in spirit. It`ll be strange to have him out in the field as well but I know he will be an amazing missionary and I`m so excited for him! My prayers will be with you all week. 

As far as investigators go, please pray for Tania! We are pushing for July for her baptism but we`ve been having trouble finding her and being able to teach her. Also pray for Nataly, she is praying about a baptismal date!!! Rocio, Silvia, Beatriz, Nelly, and Angie could also use prayers. We are seeing some good progress in our area and are hoping to find even more people to teach. :) 

This week I am going to complete 5 months in the mission....WHAT?! It`s going by so fast, I can`t believe it! Wow, almost 1/3 of the way done and I know it`s just going to go faster from here. But I have learned so much and changed in these past 5 months it`s incredible. The Lord is so good and it`s an honor to give this time to him. 

Thank you for all the love and support! I feel the prayers of my loved ones back home and it gives me so much strength. This week I loved being a missionary. For a little while I got caught up in the routine of things and lost a little of my excitement and enthusiasm. It`s not easy being in the same area for 4 months working with the same people. ;) But this week after our divisions, and with lots of prayer and studying, I was able to really find the joy in my service again and I can honestly say I am so happy to be a missionary right now here in Peru. It`s such a blessing and I love feeling the spirit all day and helping others do the same. It`s such a privilege and I wouldn`t want to be anywhere else. 

I hope you all had a great Father`s day and have an awesome week! The gospel is joy and Christ is our example. I love being a missionary :)

Hermana Cox

 We had a hot chocolate night this week that was super fun. Haven`t had that in a while!!!

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