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Monday, August, 24, 2015
Familia y Amigos!!!

Sorry about the letter last week, I tried to send it and my computer froze. By the time I got it fixed the time was out and I didn`t get to send it...also now I can`t find it so I guess it`ll just be a week lost in time! :) But the most important parts were that we had interviews with President which are always incredible and help me so much. He truly is an inspired man and I am so grateful to have him as my President. I don`t remember much else of what I wrote...probably some spiritual thoughts and insights to missionary life as usual. :) 

This week went by super quickly but it was full of little miracles. One neat story from Tuesday. Our area contains part of an air force base so there are tons of military families here. The sad thing is that a lot of the families have many struggles with their relationships because the husbands are always traveling and such. Lots of infidelity and struggling marriages. On Tuesday we brought a member to a lesson with us but the lady wasn`t home. We called another investigator to see if we could come visit her, but she told us she didn`t have time. We started walking to visit someone else when the same investigator, Hermana ***, called us back and asked us if we really could come and visit her. She said it was an emergency and that she really needed us to come talk to her. We hurried over and long story short, she told us about how she had an affair with her friend`s husband about a month ago but hasn’t told anyone about it and has been struggling with guilt and stress with keeping it a secret for so long. The wife of the other man is a member in the ward and she found out and has been causing a lot of trouble with the whole situation. There are a lot of other complications with everything but we were able to testify to her of the atonement and that she can find help. We asked if she would like to talk with the bishop and she agreed but only really had that night free to meet with him. We called the bishop and he happened to have time that night to meet with her. Our lesson during that same hour had called earlier in the day to cancel so we had that exact hour free to take her to the church to meet with the bishop and be there to support her. It was so easy to see the Lord`s hand in everything that happened. It was incredible to me to see how we could find this woman in a state of complete despair and desperation with no idea where to turn and then by the end of the night she was so much more at peace and had a direction to walk in. Things are still complicated and will be difficult to fix up, but she is on the path and is using the Savior as her guide. I don`t know if I’ve ever seen the atonement that up close and personal with someone we`ve taught yet and it was amazing to remember how merciful and loving the savior is. The whole time I felt nothing but great love for her and a desire to help her overcome her challenge and sin and taste of the redeeming grace the savior has to offer us. I feel like I got a little taste of the redemptive power of the atonement and it was incredible. 

I`m out of time but please keep praying for G... who is planning on getting baptized in September, M..., J..., Hermana Y..., Y..., C... (we found him the other week and he is doing so much better and wants us to come visit him), and Y... and her 2 daughters. 

Oh and this week I ate a chicken heart! Finally brought myself around to doing it instead of hiding it in my napkin...pretty chewy but if you swallow it fast you can`t taste it. :) 

Love you all!!!!! Have a great week! The church is true! Keep being faithful and use the atonement in your life every day! I promise it works and it is for us. :) 

Hermana Cox

 We had a fun pday at the beach with all the Hermanas which was a real treat and so much needed. I got to see all my past companions and enjoy a day in the sand and sun to relax from the stresses of the mission. Loved it.

 Pics at the beach! It was beautiful! It`s called Chorrillos. :)

 An example of a common meal here in Peru. Rice always with everything. ;) Potatoes, carrots, chicken, and beans are all really common too. Then we made brownies last Monday for FHE with our penionista. Yum!!!!! They don`t have brownies here in Peru so we bought a box of brownies and made it that way. Super fun. :)

 Hermana Bergeson trying to make toast with the iron....we have to get a little creative sometimes. :

 Baptism of the Elders in our ward

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