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Monday, July 20, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Wow, this week has been a big one! Yes, I was transferred to a new area and have a new companion, Hermana Bergeson from northern California. She is amazing and we are getting along super well. She just finished her training so this is her first normal transfer as a ¨real missionary¨. That also means I only have one more transfer than her and am the senior missionary.  It`s a little strange because I still feel super new, but we`re going to have a great transfer learning together.

I am now in San Roque, Surco which is on the very edge of our mission, touching Lima South. It`s very different from my other area but I am loving it. Our area is actually an  air force base so there are tons of apartment housing for military families. The airport is really close and we hear planes flying over all the time. The area is a lot poorer than my other one and more city-like as well. More people in the streets and more humble conditions.

Our room is pretty small, about the size of my bedroom back home, with a tiny bathroom added on. There is no door to the bathroom, we have ants and a mouse sharing our room, the door to the outside doesn`t reach the ceiling so it gets a little chilly at night, and our neighbor`s dog whines in the mornings and sounds like it`s dying....but I love it!!!! It`s an adventure and I’m really just enjoying every moment. :) This week all the water in Surco was shut off for 2 days so we had to store water the day before in any type of container we had and then couldn`t use the sink or shower. But we survived and all is well now. :) 

There is so much potential in this area and I’m super excited to work here. The ward is awesome and the members are always giving us food to take home...I`m getting so chubby!!!!! :) The ward is really awesome and supportive of the missionaries. We do lots of door to door contacting here in the FAP buildings, housing for the military families, and we have found a bunch of new people this week doing that. It`s awesome because they are families, not just apartments with single people like in my other area. 

A few quick miracle stories:  One day we passed by to visit an investigator but she wasn`t home, we turned around to go back down the stairs but all of a sudden I had a strong impression to knock their neighbor`s door. We did and a man answered the door and we began to introduce ourselves and gave him a contact card about Jesus Christ. We then realized that he was crying. He didn`t really say much but told us we could come back another day. We asked if there was anything we could do to help him but he didn`t really want to talk too much. We left the building and entered another building to look for another investigator and when we turned around he had followed after us to tell us that the time we had arranged to come visit actually wouldn`t work for him. He was still pretty teary-eyed so we kept talking to him and he ended up telling us his story about how his wife had just left him and he is home with his 2 daughters and doesn`t know what to do. They have a lot of family problems and he just cried and told us everything. It`s amazing how much confidence people have in us as missionaries; two 19 year old girls from the U.S. It`s a big responsibility. We gave him a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation to read and told him we`d pass by another day to visit him. Then we tried to go and visit him another day and brought a member with us (we can`t teach men alone without another woman) but he wasn`t home. So we decided to pass by another family of investigators with her. We got to the door and I realized that I had looked at the wrong address and we were at the wrong house. We decided to talk to this family anyway and they ended up letting us in and all of the family came in to listen. They shared some family problems and concerns they are having and we were able to share a little bit of the gospel with them and then arrange for another time to come visit. They are really grateful and excited for us to come visit. 

We see little miracles every day and it is so obvious the Lord is in his work. I love being a missionary and can`t believe my time is already 1/3 of the way over! It makes me super sad, but I know that the things I am learning and the person I am becoming will help me be a servant of the Lord throughout my whole life, not just now on my mission. 

Thank you for all the love and support, I love you all so much! Please pray for A... (an investigator we just invited to baptism and she accepted but we have to talk to her parents), E... (her son needs lots of help, his name is S...), S... ( a less active who is progressing really well), and family L... (recent converts that need help paying their tithing). 

I love you all! Have a great week!!

Hermana Cox

P.S.  Also fun news that mom will be proud of, I was asked to be the pianist here in my new ward. They don`t have anyone who plays the piano so they were super excited when they found out I did....I haven`t practiced since I left for my mission but I’ve got faith the Lord will help me :) I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

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