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Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Wow, this week FLEW BY! Time flies when you are having fun and working hard. Well this week my companion and I had a goal that we wanted to meet all the ´´Metas de Excellencia´´ or goals of excellence this week in our area. We have key indicators and numbers that we record every week of the lessons we teach, to whom, how many people we contact and find, etc. In our mission the goals of Excellence are to teach 25 lessons, contact 70 people, and find 10 new investigators for the week. They are some pretty high goals but we had faith that with the Lord´s help we could do it. So we set out and worked SUPER hard all week searching for people and teaching and talking to everyone. We were a little worried because this week was Independence dayS (Yes Peru celebrates it in 2 days) so everyone was traveling or partying. But we had faith and set out to do work and the Lord blessed us with our desires.:) This week we taught 25 lessons, contacted 74 people, and found 10 new investigators.

WOW!!!! It was amazing! I feel like Ammon when he said, ´´I do not glory in myself for I know that I am nothing, but I will glory in my God, for in him I can do all things.´´ It was a week of miracle after miracle. It was made so obvious to me that the Lord knows how to do his work and he knows who is ready and who needs him. All he asks is that we be his servants, willing to go where he wants us to go, do what he wants us to do, and say what he wants us to say. When we truly give ourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord he will lead our steps and work miracles through us. It's amazing to see and it applies to all of us, not just missionaries out in the field. All of us when we were baptized promised to stand as a witness of God and be his servant. How are we doing with that promise? I´ve thought a lot about that this week and really done a personal inventory of where my heart is and how much I´m giving to the Lord and how much I’m holding back. It was an eye-opener but I’m so excited to work harder and give the Lord my 100% devotion. 

One example of one of these little miracles happened Friday night. We had finished up our English class in the church and headed back to our room. We were almost there and realized we still had 10 more minutes before it was time to head in. We were exhausted and it would have been so easy to just go in a little early, but we decided to walk through the park and try and contact one or two more people. We saw a man sitting on the bench so we went over to talk to him and he ended up telling us that he is a member, but has been inactive for more than 10 years. He let us sit down and talk to him for a few minutes and told us of his story. He said he has really strayed from God in these past years and was feeling really lost and sad. He had come to the park to think and just wanted to talk everything out with someone, but had no one to talk to. He told us he knew God was looking out for him and really loved him. He told us he really wants to reactivate himself in the church and change his life around. We told him that´s exactly what we were there to help him do. We gave him a new Book of Mormon to start reading again, a pamphlet of the restoration, and decided to meet him again the next day to teach some more. We had our other lesson with him on Saturday and then he and his mom both came to church on Sunday. (His mom is not a member so we´re excited to help her too.) What a little miracle. Just 10 minutes. We gave the Lord 10 more minutes and he helped us find a soul in need who was looking for God with a desire to return to him. I KNOW that when we just give the Lord our time and our desires he will work miracles. 

Our investigators are doing well, a lot are progressing. Please pray for the Familia E..., Familia L..., Familia H..., M..., S.., J..., S..., Familia M..., J... H..., A..., and M... for this week. 

Love you all so much! Thank you for all the love and support! I know that your faith and prayers bless me and the people we are serving here.

Con Amor,

Hermana Cox

p.s. Funny story...our mouse friend is back! We hadn´t seen him for a few weeks so we just assumed he had left but last night we heard it running around in our room in the middle of the night. We weren’t sure what it was but then all the sudden I felt something run across my feet...YIKES! We spent the next 45 minutes trying to devise a way to trap it but finally just opened up the door for a few minutes and it eventually ran outside. Hopefully it can´t get back in soon. :) Oh the adventures of Peruvian housing!

pday at the church! Playing games outside with the zone :)

Happy birthday daddy!!!! We bought a cake and ate it to celebrate for you :) Thanks, it was delicious!

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