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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hola Hola!!!!!

Well this week was a little rough due to the fact that both my companion and I were a little sick. I have had a pretty nasty cold since last Sunday and the life of a missionary doesn’t really make time for relax and recovery so it`s been lingering a little longer. But I got some Peruvian medicine and feel a lot better today. The Lord definitely helped me so much and gave me strength and energy I didn`t think I had. When we do our part and show our desire the Lord will provide the rest. It`s frustrating to want to work hard and not be able to do all you want, but the Lord knows our hearts and is pleased with what we can give. :) 

 My peruvain medicine...and yes cough syrup still tastes nasty here too. :)

So you know how last week I talked all about our Metas de Excelencia (goals of excellence) and how we were so pumped that we had reached them all? Well it was perfect timing because this week President announced that we were changing them to new goals and indicators. Some things are the same but now the focus is more on working through the members to find referrals and teach with the members. It is something we`ve been trying to do but now there is a lot bigger focus which will be really neat. I am really excited to see how this will change the work here and I know it is inspired of God. It also means a lot of changing things around and trial and error. We were a little stressed this week with trying to figure things out with how this new process will work and how we can meet these new goals but I think we`re getting the hang of things a little better. 

We also had a fun little adventure at the beginning of the week. We had to go to La Molina (my old area) just my companion and I which is about an hour away in bus. So we asked directions from the zone leaders, hopped on a bus, and made our way through the crazy busy city of Lima by ourselves. We had to change buses and routes and things and neither of us had any idea how to work the bus routes but we found our way and got there and back safely. Definitely a blessing from the Lord. We were super proud of ourselves and very grateful. :)

 Some pics of my area. This is the nicer side of town and there are some beautiful parks and i love the vegetation. :)

We are seeing miracles every day and I am learning so much.  The gospel is joy and peace in a world of confusion and sadness. We have the promises of the Lord that if we live faithful we will receive the blessings and help that we need. Living the gospel is so simple, yet can be so hard. It just comes down to the desire and love for the lord to submit our will to his, trust in his words, and do what he has asked of us. He always keeps his promises to us as long as we do our part. 

Love you all! Thank you for the love and support! I love the Lord and I love his work. 

Hermana Cox

Our ice cream run last Pday!!!! We found the best ice cream and it`s super delicious!!!! I got a kind called tres leches which is a creamy sweet flavor with cake pieces and such. Hermana Bergeson got a chocolate flavor with fudge and brownie that was also delicious...yes we are at the sharing ice cream level of our friendship now. :)

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