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Hola Familia Y Amigos!!

Wow, what a week here in Surco! My companion and I have been working really hard this week and finding lots of people to teach. The Ward is awesome and we had a lot of members come to lessons with us which is the best! They make such a difference. I forgot my notebook that has all the things I wanted to say, so hopefully I remember everything.
It sounds like everyone had a fun Pioneer day back home! We got to celebrate by going to the temple!!!!! Wow, I love the temple and I am so grateful to get to attend in my mission. I went with bunch of questions and it was amazing all the revelation I received and things that were made clear to me. It`s so true that when we ask with a sincere heart and do our part to search for answers, the Holy Ghost always reveals things to our hearts. I love developing this relationship with the spirit and this special communication with God. Then to make the day even better I got t see both of my previous companions outside the temple! I`ve been blessed with amazing companions so far and I’ve learned so much from every one of them. Hermana Bergeson and I had a great time together there and really had an awesome chat inside about things we had learned. We are growing so close and I love her so much. :)

Hermana Cox and Hermana Ramirez

 Hermana Cox and Hermana Davis

Hermana Cox and Hermana Bergeson

THEN, as if the day couldn`t get any better, Hermana Davis told me that one of our investigators from Mayorazgo that we have been working with the whole time I served there just accepted to be baptized in August!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy and we just hugged each other and cried as she told me how well she is progressing and that she truly has a testimony and is applying the gospel in her life. It was a little hard leaving Mayorazgo after having been there for so long and then not really having anything as far as baptisms to show for all the work I put in there, But now to hear that they are reaping the fruits of our labors now makes me soooo happy. It`s a joy I can`t describe and it makes every hard moment worth it. We got permission from President for me to go back and be able to see her baptized which I can`t even contain my excitement about! I`m smiling super big right now just thinking about it. :) Her name is R..., please keep praying for her and her progress as well as T... who also is working towards her baptism still.

But now back to my new area of San Roque! Wow, we are seeing so much progress here! We had an investigator named A... come to church with us for the second time yesterday. She has agreed to be baptized in August, but her parents want a little more information first so we are meeting with them this week. She is 18 and has a lot of family and social problems. But she is so sweet and is really growing in her testimony and loves our visits and coming to church. Please keep praying for her.

We also met with another investigator who agreed to be baptized and is amazing! She is praying about a specific date but has such a desire to follow Christ and change her life. I’m so excited to help her with this conversion process. Her name is M....

Now an update on this C... that we found that one day knocking doors. We passed by his house again one day and found him there. He talked to us for a second and told us that ever since his first little visit with us everything has been changing for the better. He said he talked to his wife and they are working things out now. He feels a lot more hope and happiness with his situation and that things are going to be ok. He has been reading the message about the Plan of Salvation and says it is really helping him. He told us he is taking it as a sign from God that this is something good and he wants to learn more. :) Such a happy feeling as a missionary seeing that the Lord fulfills his side of the promise to give people answers to their prayers and desires concerning the gospel message. Please keep praying for him as we try to help him apply the gospel in his life and learn more.

There are so many more stories I could share about the wonderful people we are finding and helping but I’m running out of time. Please keep praying for Familia H..., S..., Familia R..., Familia M..., P..., K..., and the L.... family.

Just a funny story to end....hopefully it won`t scare my parents. :) So sometimes when we are contacting people we run into people we call "sharks". Basically men that are only interested in our message because we are Young American girls. :) This week we contacted one of these people and he called us a few times to try and "talk more about the church" (Flirt). It was pretty weird and then on Sunday we received a text from him that said "Te invito a cenar"...or in other words we got invited to dinner. Yep...that awkward moment when your companionship gets invited on a date by a 35 year old Peruvian man you met on the Street. :) Haha but we`ve got his number blocked now and he`s not serious enough to actually come to church to see us so I’m not too worried about it. My companion and I were laughing about it all night though. :)

Thank you for all the love and support! I love being a missionary and I am learning more every day. Today I completed 6 months in the mission and it doesn`t seem real! Time is flying by so fast but I am trying to enjoy every moment.

Love you all so much!

Hermana Cox

 Our new district! 

 Sister Romrell from my old district. :) The one from Oregon that has family in California.

 We went to a big shopping center for pday, it was crazy full of people everywhere. And yes that is a hill covered in houses. That`s what a lot of them look like here. :)

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