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Monday, July 13, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Wow, I can`t believe another transfer (cambio) has come to an end. This one flew by so fast, and I know they are just going to keep going faster and faster. We started off the week with an awesome Pday to Centro de Lima. The architecture is incredible and so fun to see the buildings and history there. We ate at a pizza place and got some ice-cream too which is always delicious. It was 5 soles which is the equivalent of about 1.75 dollars. Pretty much a score for Hermana Cox. :) Then we went and looked through all the tourist shops. It`s so incredible all the beautiful trinkets and things they have here. I loved just looking at everything. And it`s all super cheap so it was a temptation not to just buy everything. :) But super fun. Lots of llama fur things, awesome ponchos, sweaters, trinkets, and anything you could want. I`ll send some fun pics. :) 

Then we started off the last week of the transfer. Hermana Davis and I decided that we wanted to make it a week of √®xito (success) so we gave it all we had. Let’s just say we are SUPER exhausted but I also don`t think I’ve ever been so happy and felt so accomplished in my mission. It was incredible to see how the Lord just gave us one opportunity after another to teach, testify, find, and serve so many people this week because we consciously offered every minute to him. We taught so many lessons, found a bunch of new investigators that we are super excited about, and really used the members to help us in lessons. We have seen so much growth in this area and it is just brimming with potential! When I got here we really didn`t have much progress so it`s been so fun to see how much has changed and all the work we have to do. There are people waiting everywhere for the gospel and when we show the Lord our willingness he works miracles through us. I love this work :) 

OUR district from this transfer :

Sadly, another transfer has ended and although we don`t know for sure what will happen (we find out in about an hour), I feel like my time in Mayorazgo is probably up. I started my third transfer here thinking that by the end I would be so ready to leave but now that it`s probably here I don`t want to! I LOVE this area, I love the people, I love my companion, I love the investigators we have found. It tears me apart to think that I won`t be able to see them keep progressing, but I know that the Lord is preparing people in other places as well. I will be so sad to leave, but I also know that I’ve done what I could here, given everything for these people, and I can leave in peace, knowing I did what I could. But I’m excited for a new adventure and to see what else the Lord has in store for me to learn and to accomplish. I have total confidence in him and total trust in his plan. I guess we`ll see what happens. :)

This week we ¨rescued¨ a less active member (taught all the lessons and reactivated her) and next week another man we`ve been working with will be officially ¨rescued¨ as well. T... is still planning on being baptized at the end of July or first week of August. Please keep praying for her. We are seeing a change in her and her conversion is coming along, but still needs a lot of motivation and prayers. R... has accepted baptism and is praying for a response from God that it`s true. She`s also working on setting a specific date. P... is still progressing and learning more and more. There are many others as well that we are working with that are understanding the importance of the message. R..., R..., C..., E..., and A... are recent converts that are working on getting to the temple. Please pray for them and that they can be strong and keep faithful. 

I love being a missionary. I find so much joy in every day. I love teaching people the gospel and seeing the joy and peace that comes into their lives when they accept and live the principles we teach. Thank you for all the love and support. I`m out of time but I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Never tire of sharing the gospel with others and developing your own testimony and relationship with God. I know it`s true and I`m so glad to be sharing it every day. 

Love you all!

Hermana Cox

P.S.  I ran into Hermana Kaylee Kingston from my high school the other day! She is in the CCM and we ran into her in the store when we were out buying our groceries. She is going to Lima North and is super excited. So random but so fun to see her! 

 My llama sweater I got on our shopping trip

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