Friday, June 24, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow, it´s gotten so cold this week! It came so suddenly and seems to have scared everyone into their houses and beds. :) It´s been another great week that has flown by much quicker than I can imagine. It was a tougher week in our area and we ended up having a lot of lessons in the street trying to find new investigators. But we also saw so many miracles and blessings. I know that there are prepared children of God out there waiting and prepared to receive the message of the gospel, we just need to keep searching and following the spirit. I know the Lord is true to his promises and if we just keep working our hardest, he will bless us for our efforts. The Lord is so good and he just waits for us to exercise the needed faith so he can work his miracles.

I know this week we are going to find escogidos, I just feel it! De hecho, we have found amazing people and another whole family came to church this Sunday! Another referral from members too! E..., F..., and their three kids. We are super excited about them and the ward was incredible. They got to church a little late and came and sat in the back. After the meeting ended before we could even get to the back of the chapel to talk to them we had ward members run up to us telling us that a family of investigators was here (they all wanted to be the first ones to give us the referral even though they were already our investigators) and members were already taking the kids to their classes and offering to go with them. We almost didn´t even get to talk to them. :) This ward is incredible that way! They had members with them the whole morning and we basically didn´t do anything during all of church until the end when we asked them how it went. So exciting!! :) Little miracles every Sunday!!  I love this ward so much, they are seriously my family. I could probably move back to Peru and live here my whole life. 

I am out of time, but we are doing well and working hard! Please pray for us and for our investigators. E..., F..., C..., D..., K..., A..., B..., M..., and all the converts who have been baptized as well. J... needs a lot of prayers right now, he is the first one who got baptized when I got to this area. 

Have a great week and enjoy finishing up school. Love you all!!

Hermana Cox

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