Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hola Hola! Here we are again on a beautiful Monday morning in Lima, Peru! Can I just say how grateful I am to be here in Villa Alegre?!!! This area is amazing! This ward has so much potential and I am so excited to be working with Hermana Mendoza. This week was a little crazy because we are now the only missionaries in this ward (before there were Elders too) which means we are now working two areas and combining them. We are maintaining our area and then trying to get to know the other part of the ward where the Elders were and keep moving forward with all their people. They did a great job leaving us a list of the most important investigators, less active members, and converts and a description of what they need to keep progressing. We were able to visit almost every one of them this week and get to know these amazing people. The members came with us to show us around almost every day and we have received so much support from them and our ward mission leader.

There are so many prepared investigators here...and FAMILIES!!!! I love teaching the gospel to entire families and seeing the blessings and changes that come into their lives. We have 2 families that are needing to have the parents get married before they can be baptized but they are both willing and we are in the process. I am so excited to see their progress and have the opportunity to help them come to their Savior. 

Please pray for J... G... (keep progressing towards baptism), C..., H..., and their kids (Get married and progress towards baptism), A... and G... (get married so they can get baptized), O... and N... (Also get married so they can be baptized), S... (Permission from her parents to be baptized), E... and N... (Activate them), C... (come to church and want to be baptized), and just all our investigators, less actives, and converts...now there are double. :) 

It was a really crazy, busy week but that´s how I like it. :) I need to have lots going on to keep me from being trunky...Today I officially completed 17 months in the mission. I can´t believe how time has flown and how much has happened in so short a time. But it´s been an amazing journey and I wouldn´t trade these experiences for the world. So far I’m doing really well and just feel so much motivation and desire to work hard and enjoy every moment. Sometimes I feel a little bit of the sadness creep in as I remember that this incredible adventure is coming to an end, but then I remember that it really doesn´t end after I step off the plane. I truly feel that I’ve become a missionary and have been converted into a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It doesn´t mean I´m perfect or that I´ll be able to keep doing all the things I do here for the Lord, but I know that when we have a true desire to serve the Lord and give our lives to him that he will provide us opportunities to keep helping others and keep sharing the gospel with all those around us. This is only the beginning...the training ground for life. :) 

I hope you are all doing well and seeing so many miracles every day. Don´t forget to read the Book of Mormon every day. That is one of the biggest things I´ve been able to see here is the difference in the members who are reading and studying faithfully every day and progress and continue growing, and those who don´t and slowly become weaker and Satan tries to make his way into their lives. The Book of Mormon is our greatest tool in conversion. I know that´s true. :) I love you all so much!!!! Have an awesome day!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!

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