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Monday, June 14, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

What an incredible week. I can`t believe how much revelation I received and how much I could feel the spirit in one week. It was a pretty crazy one for us with 3 zone meetings, Elder Rasband, and then a Family History activity we put on for the converts in our stake. Literally every day this week we had some kind of activity and responsibility. But where the Lord asks much of us, he always gives us the strength and power we need to complete what we need to in his service. I really felt that this week. 

Our meeting with Elder Rasband is something I will never forget. Being able to shake his hand and look into his eyes was such a neat experience for me. I didn`t feel some kind of electric shock or powerful spiritual impression, rather I felt sincerity and the pure love of Christ radiating from him. I felt that love the whole meeting and his humility, sincerity, and true devotion to the Lord impacted me more than anything else. I went with a few questions in my mind and heart and I received answers to many through the words spoken and through impressions of the spirit. One of the questions that I had really been pondering in my heart and wanted to ask him was this, "Elder Rasband, you are called to be a special witness of Jesus Christ. To be that kind of witness, I`m sure you must really need to know the Savior and be close to him. What has helped you the most in your life to develop that relationship with the Savior and what advice would you give us as youth about how to strengthen that relationship throughout our lives?"  I loved what Sister Moore from the CCM said, that this ability to be a special witness has come because of Elder Rasband`s pure desire to take upon him the name of Christ in all he does and serve him until the end. It`s the accumulation of all the little things the gospel teaches us, but behind all we DO must burn that great DESIRE to know the Savior, serve him, and take upon us his name. Do what he would do, say what he would say, be who he wants us to be at all times and in all things and in all places. I also loved how he talked about following our first impression. I`ve been trying to put that into practice this week and have found that it`s so true! So often I receive an impression from the spirit but then begin to question if it`s really from him or just my own mind and then I overanalyze the whole situation. I have found that if something comes to my mind and it is something good, why not just do it. Why wait for a big spiritual impression if the spirit of the Lord is that spirit that constantly entices us to do good and serve God. The first prompting is from the spirit, the doubting and debating that follows is either our own natural man or the enticements of the adversary. Something else that really impacted me about what he said was his pure and powerful testimony he bore at the end of his message. He said that although there were still many responsibilities of his calling he still did not feel adequate to fill yet, the responsibility he did feel 100% sure about what his call to testify of Christ. He bore such a powerful testimony that he lives and is our Savior. But what struck me most is that he said that he knew with absolute surety because he could feel a burning in his heart and continues to feel it every time he testifies. He asked us if we too could feel the burning at that moment and I could have sworn my heart was going to explode out of my chest. I felt that burning that feels my whole heart with joy and sends chills down my whole body. He told us it was the exact same for him. That feeling is how he knows, that confirmation of the spirit, not by any other way. I realized that it was the same for me. I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives and is my Savior. I knew it before I came to this earth and I`m so grateful that the Lord has testified to my heart again and given me the opportunity to know in this life also so that I can share that testimony and witness with all those I come in contact with. I left that meeting with the same testimony I entered with, nothing new was taught. But I left with that testimony rekindled and strengthened until it glowed like a bonfire. I want to strive to feel that every day and never stop testifying of what I know and what I feel. This time we have as missionaries is so short, but I know that it is a preparation for even more after. The things I am doing now are preparing me for a life of dedicated discipleship to my Lord and King. I have been able to see that so clearly and it has become the pure and only desire of my heart. I`m here because I love him and want to serve him. And I will live every day of my life for that same reason. What a beautiful, unforgettable experience with a true and living apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Hope you all have a marvelous week. Keep serving, keep doing good, strengthen you testimony through scripture and prayer every single day. The Lord loves us all and we should never forget to take a moment and feel that. :) Then go out and share it with everyone we know! I would love to hear your testimonies as well. Those who have time and would like to I would love for you to email me and share with me your testimony of the Savior so I can read them every morning as I wake up. Nothing can motivate us to share the gospel more than hearing the testimonies of others. :)

Con Amor,

Hermana Cox

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