Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dear Friends and Family!

(Last week when I got sick...just in time for all our trainings. :)

Wow, what a week! Between trainings, Divisions, earthquakes, and incredible daily miracles we are just exhausted! I´ve learned so much this week I can´t even tell you. We were able to do divisions with an area in Chaclacayo this week and I went to work there with Hna Arpita. She is awesome! She is from Arequipa Peru and is 39 years old! 

Hermana Suarez is doing a lot better after receiving news that her mom is ok. There were a few more earthquakes after that we found out about from the members, but she was just amazing all week with how focused she was and her ability to put her worries and fear about what is going on in Ecuador aside and focus on our area and the sisters. She is such an amazing, consecrated missionary and I feel so honored to get to be her companion and learn from her. She is helping me and teaching me so much. Wow, I just love her. 

(Eating at McDonald's)

We had our new family A... (Mom, Dad, 1 son, and 2 daughters) come to church on Sunday and the ward was amazing with making them feel so welcome. They listened so well in all their classes and participated with questions and comments. In Relief Society the teacher asked the sisters what blessing the Lord has given them in their lives. S..., the mom, answered and said, "Letting me find this church." She just started crying and told us how grateful she is to be learning the gospel. They are a golden family and we are sooooo excited for them. In our lesson this week they told us that they received their answer that this is true and they want to be baptized in May!!!! So many miracles going on here and the Lord answered our prayers of blessing us with a family. :) I am so happy here and I feel the area is on fire! The ward is amazing and is helping us so much.

We´ve got another baptism planned for this Saturday, M,,, P.... He is the 10 year old son of a less active family we are working with and he is just the sweetest, purest little boy. He lives right next to the church and has been coming alone with his little brother (5 years old) for 3 months. We are working on rescuing his older brother and he now comes to church with them too. His mom is still a little harder, but we´ve also seen progress in her.

(In our pensionista´s house with her daughter, friend, and the 2 boys are I... and M.... I... is 18 and we are rescuing him (is inactive) and M... is our 10 year old investigator who will be baptized this Saturday!!! He´s so cute! :)

J..., our recent convert, is doing awesome and received the priesthood yesterday. It´s been amazing to see the change in him and the joy that has come into his life. The gospel is so true and it´s a blessing to everyone who lives it. I love this work and can´t wait for another week of miracles! 

This week I also ate something called cau cau, which is cow stomach boiled and mixed with rice and potatoes. I don´t know if I’ve ever gotten so close to throwing up my food before. I've gotten good at putting on a smile and eating here but that one almost did me in. You can look up pics in the internet if you want...yuk! :) 

I love you so much. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Until next week! :)

Hermana Cox

(Peruvian Food! The one that looks like fried chicken strips is deep fried octopus...that was my companion´s :) But I did taste it and it was pretty good. )

 A huge moth thing we found outside of our room. One of them got into our room last week at night and was flying around my head all night...lets just say I didn´t sleep well :) HUGE!

Fun Pday pics! Cutting and cooking meat for our BBQ...Peru meets American BBQ :)

 Meat and chicken cooked in BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, mango juice, and celery. Yum yum!

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