Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Another transfer is already ending! How crazy!!! This transfer was amazing and I learned so much. I will be staying here in my area and Hna. Suarez is headed off to another area. I´ll be receiving Hna. Vaca from Peru and will be training her as a Hermana Leader. It will be an adventure and I’m a little nervous about training her, but I know that the Lord will help me and she will be amazing. :) She is such an amazing missionary and I know that she will bless this area so much! I am so grateful for the chance to learn from her and see how much she will bless the sisters as well.

I am very excited for this new transfer, this new beginning. I learned so much from Sis. Suarez and we had so many incredible experiences together. I am really excited to put those things into practice this transfer and keep seeing improvements in this area and in myself. I learned so much this transfer about how to make a relationship work with anyone. Hna. Suarez and I are very different and it wasn´t always easy to work together and train or teach together, but the Lord taught me so much and helped me to remember the importance of really loving my companion and then everything else really isn´t that important. We may disagree on things or have different ways of going about our duties, but at the end of the day we love each other and nothing will change that. I also learned the importance of relying on my Heavenly Father in all I do. I learned to make my prayers more meaningful and trust that he loves me and will guide me in my decisions. He won´t leave me alone and even if I may feel alone and lost he will never leave my side. I learned how to recognize when I am not doing well and find solutions and help through the resources the Lord gives us such as scriptures, talks, music, patriarchal blessing, leaders, and other missionaries. I know that these are life lessons that are preparing me for my life after my mission. I am so grateful for this special time the Lord has given me. 

This week we did divisions and Hna. Jimenez came here to Campoy with me. She is AMAZING! She is from Texas and is only a convert of 1 year. I loved getting to know her and be inspired by her. :)

Our cute family A... is still progressing so well and preparing for their baptism this Saturday!  This family is making a complete change in their lives and it has been difficult, but I know that they are strong and they have shown that they really truly want to change and be members of the Lord´s true church. The members have been amazing and they fight every week over who gets to have them over for their Noche de Hogar. :) So many miracles going on and so many chosen, prepared people. Can´t wait for another week here in paradise!!

I loved talking to my family this Sunday as well. They are doing amazing and are such a huge inspiration and help to me. I know they love me and will be with me throughout my whole life. It has been incredible to see how much the Lord has blessed them as I’ve been here on the mission. They not only have physically grown and matured, but done so even more spiritually. The Lord is so good to me. I don´t know exactly why the Lord thought I deserved to be blessed so much, but I hope to share that blessing with others and never lose my sense of gratitude.

Please keep this ward Portada del Sol in your prayers! M..., J..., A... N..., Familia A..., and N... could use special prayers. 

Love you all so much! Thank you for everything!!!!

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