Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

What a great week! We had so much going on and I felt like we were constantly on the go...I love it! Out investigator J... was baptized on Saturday which was of course the highlight of the week. He was so ready and shared a beautiful testimony afterwards. His wife is a member but he used to be agnostic. Now he has a strong testimony and even came with us to visit another investigator we are working with the day before his baptism to share his testimony with her. It was awesome! He`ll make a great leader in the church and I know the Lord has big plans or him. what a beautiful feeling it is to be an instrument in the Lord`s hands and see him work miracles through us. I sent some pics (finally) so you can see his big smile when he got out of the font. :) 

This week I also got the fun treat of doing interchanges with Hermana Bergeson!!!! I`m her Sister leader so she came and worked in my area with me and one of my companions went and worked with her companion. It was so fun to catch up with her and remember all the fun times we had together. She is wonderful and I am so glad we are forever friends. 

Division with Hermana Bergeson this week!!!

Well since last week`s letter was a little bit of a "reality check, mission life isn`t always easy", I thought it would be fun to share a lot of the random, funny things that happen here...which there are so many things. :) Missionary work is also super fun and we do so many crazy things I never could have imagined I’d do. Haha, here goes. :)

This week I ate liver...not even sure from what animal...but it actually wasn`t too bad.

We were contacting a man and he started walking away so I tried to hurry and spit out something before he left and totally stumbled over all my words. But then to make things better right as I turned around to walk away with my comps I ran right into a pole. Yep, nailed it...literally. :) We got a good laugh.

On Sunday F... didn`t come to church and we were worried so we called him after the meetings and his mom answered. She said he hadn`t come because he was feeling a little sick to his stomach...she said he tried fasting for the first time. Oh no...I guess it didn`t go so well. Haha poor thing! 15 year old boys and fasting don`t click so well I guess. We have a lesson with him today so we`ll make sure he`s doing alright. :)

Hermana Martinez is learning a lot of English right now and we`ve been trying to practice a lot. It`s good for me because I am remembering my English...however it gets pretty confusing in my mind with the two languages. So we now speak fluent Spanglish in our companionship and we have had so many funny mix-ups this week and word vomits that just leave us laughing. 

It was really a great week and I am loving the work. Please pray for Z..., L..., O... and A..., C..., Family R..., C..., B..., and that we can find new investigators!

I love this work so much and I am so grateful for the spirit that leads and guides us in every aspect of the work. We had 2 divisions this week and they were both really important and I had some pretty big responsibilities to complete with them. But as I humbled myself and just tried to let the spirit work through me, I felt that the Lord was able to help me accomplish what I needed to and the spirit taught and helped the sisters more than I could have myself. The enabling power of the atonement is just as real as it`s redemptive power. It means that if I give my 100% then the Lord will give His and that is enough to accomplish any miracle. 

Thank you for all the love and support! 

Hermana Cox

Some typical peruvian food. The second one is a seafood dish...yep that`s right dad, i`m eating seafood here. :)

this is`s the famous dish of Peru...but we can`t eat it. :) It`s raw fish with lime and other seasonings. I`ve heard it`s delicious but who knows!

a cool fruit here called a tuna...haha not the fish. :)

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