Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Well this week was another amazing one!!!! However, I`m going to skip right to the most exciting part....F... GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! Wahooooooooo! Wow, I can`t even describe how excited I’ve been all week and how incredible the day of the baptism was. F... had his interview on Friday with our district leader and he came out just smiling and saying, "I passed!! I`m getting baptized!!!" We had a little lesson with him after to talk about how he felt and answer any questions he had and he could hardly contain his excitement. He told us he was feeling the Holy Ghost more than ever cute!! Then on Saturday he showed up a little nervous but still excited and so many ward members came too to support him. Every baptism is stressful and there is always something that goes wrong, but I’ve learned to just enjoy it and laugh about it later. :) F... ended up having to be baptized 3 times and Hermana Martinez and I were dying! Haha, the first time the hermano who was baptizing him said the prayer wrong, the second time he didn`t go all the way under, and then finally the third time everything went well. :) Afterwards we ran to the other side of the font to talk with F... as he was coming out and he was just beaming and said he didn`t even feel the cold anymore. :) Haha. We told him he was "super baptized" now and he told us that he just felt so clean and pure inside. Afterwards he shared his testimony and shared about how he had been so depressed and lost after his dad died 2 years ago and had stopped believing in God, yet in just a short amount of time he said that God has healed him of his pain and sadness and he believes in God, in Jesus Christ, and that the church is really the true church on the earth. He is such an incredible example to me and I have developed such a great love for this little boy!!!! 

Then on Sunday he showed up at the church for his confirmation in a white shirt and slacks (he had always just worn jeans and a t-shirt before) and brought a tie too! He didn`t know how to tie it so a hermano in our ward helped him, but it was adorable and he looked so grown up and like an official member of the church. The ward has been a great support for him and he is planning on starting seminary as well. He is so happy and we have seen a complete change in him. The gospel is incredible and really is the key to happiness. I still can`t thank my Heavenly Father enough for this beautiful experience of finding and teaching F.... He tells us we were an answer to his prayers but really it`s the other way around, he was an answer to our prayers.

There has not been a baptism in our area for over 1.5 years but Hermana Martinez and I knew that there were people here who were prepared and ready to accept the gospel. It hasn`t been easy, but he is evidence that the Lord works miracles and answers the prayers of his missionaries as well as his children who are searching for the truth. I love F... and I can`t wait to see him continue to progress in the gospel and in his testimony of the Savior. Even if he were the only person I saw baptized on my mission it would be worth it and I would do it all again. :)

My scripture for the week is Alma 29:10. That is how I feel with F...!! Wow, this work is so true and beautiful! Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to include F... and his mom. Also J... and Z... who have goals to be baptized in March!! Familia R..., C... V..., L..., and A... could also use prayers. 

No more time, but I love you all and hope that you have a great week. The gospel is true and it brings us more joy than we can imagine. Keep doing the little things and don`t let the gospel lose its wonder and beauty. 

Hermana Cox

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