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Hola Familia y Amigos!

Today I hit my 3 month mark!!!! Wow, I can`t hardly believe it. Time is flying by...but at the same time I feel as if I’ve been in Peru forever. :) Yes, this week we did have cambios (transfers)! My companion, Hermana Ramirez, was made a sister leader in another area in our zone so I still get to see her every week :)

(Last night with Hermana Ramirez)

My new companion is Hermana Davis from Rexburg, Idaho. She is so funny and keeps me laughing. She is very different from Hermana Ramirez but we are getting used to each other and becoming friends really fast. :) But because she was transferred into my area that meant that I have been leading the area here.

 (My new companion, Sister Davis)

Not going to lie it`s been super stressful and overwhelming because I`m still learning everything and learning the language. But the Lord never asks more of us without helping us to accomplish it. I`ve really had that testified to me this week. I`ve had to decide who we are going to visit, what to teach, where to go, how to get there, everything! But it`s really made me have to step up to the plate and I feel like I am a real missionary now who actually knows what she`s doing :) It`s amazing the strength and confidence I’ve received from the Lord. I`ve had to go from relying almost completely on my companion to having my companion rely almost completely on me.

Hermana Davis has 8 months in the mission and knows a lot but is still learning so we are sort of figuring things out together. :) I`ve had to speak so much more than before because I`m the missionary that the people know and I`ve seen the gift of tongues made manifest more than ever. There were lessons where I was basically the one doing everything. But it`s been really good for me and Hermana Davis is working really hard to learn the area and the people so I know it will get easier and easier. She has so much energy and desire to just go out and get the world so that will be awesome this transfer. I am excited to learn from her.

We`ve seen miracles every day and hearts changing and softening. Oh, and I also was called on to bear my testimony in our big transfer meeting in Spanish. It was a really good scary....but awesome to see that I could do it. :) I also got to see Elder Taylor Griffin, Elder Kolton Pierson, and Elder Nick Batty. They are all doing great and it was fun to talk to them a little bit. It`s a little different talking to them as missionaries but still so fun to get to check up on them a little bit. :) Overall it was a big week, lots of learning, lots of growing, lots of patience and faith. :) Three Months have gone by and I know that these next 15 will fly by even faster. Please pray for Rosita, Fernando, and Elisa this week. They are converts that are having a hard time right now with coming to church. Also Beatty, Silvia, Natalie, Rocio, Dinna, and Alejandra. They are investigators that we are working with. And then Raul, Lina, Paola, and Mirium are less actives that need help with their testimonies as well.

Love you all so much!!!! Thank you for all the love and prayers. I am seeing miracle after miracle here in Peru and I know so much of that is because of the faith of those at home :) Love you all. 

Hermana Cox

(This is my pension (landlord) and her family. They are the best and speak some English which is really nice. They feed us so well too...I`m gaining so much weight!! But I`m enjoying the Peruvian food a lot. :) 

(A convert in our ward gave my comp and I little sun hats the other day. How cute, right! :) Haha too bad we can`t wear hats, i`ll have to wait until I get home.)

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