Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wow, I don`t have a ton of time this week but I wanted to share a few little experiences. This week I decided that I wanted to really watch for the Lord`s hand in our lives every day and take notice of all the little miracles. It was amazing to me the things that happened and the little experiences where it was soooo obvious that the Lord`s hand was in the work.

One night we were walking back from a lesson and passed a woman sitting on the curb. All of a sudden I thought, “Hey, we should contact her.” I turned to my companion and gave her "the look" that means "Hey let’s talk to her!" So we turned back and asked if we could give her a little contact card with a picture of Christ on it. Then we began talking a little and she told us that her son is a member of the church and goes to our ward. We talked a little bit more about that and then she looked up at us and started to cry. She told us she has cancer and that she had been sitting there on the curb to think. Her son doesn`t know yet and she said she doesn`t have the heart to tell him everything that`s going on but has to soon because he`ll probably question when she starts to lose all her hair. She told us that she is just really lost and asked us when we could come visit her and teach her. She is ready to make changes in her life and wants to know God and develop her relationship with him to help her through this time. Wow. She said when we had walked past she had hoped we would stop and talk to her. We left her with a prayer and are going to visit her this week. Please pray for T... and her son M.... 

Then the next day we went to visit a few people but no one was home. We decided to visit a member and taught her a little lesson about helping the new converts and doing her visits and everything. She told us afterward that she had been having a really hard day and just needed something to cheer her up and that we were an answer to her prayers. Even the members still need lifting and helping and it`s amazing to see how the Lord leads us without us even knowing. 

Throughout the whole week we had been trying to get a hold of a few people to organize times to teach them but we were having a hard time finding them and they weren`t answering their phones. Then throughout the day we happened to run into 3 of these people in the street and on the bus to talk with them and plan a visit in the upcoming week. The Lord literally just put them in our path, right in front of our faces to help us out. 

So many other little miracles, it`s amazing to see the Lord working through us. We were able to have 7 of our investigators at church this Sunday which was awesome and sooo stressful :) It`s like herding a bunch of kids everywhere with us, but it was such a blessing and I hope we can have awesome lessons with all of them this week to keep them progressing. It`s amazing to see the fruits of our labors. :) 

Don`t have much time but I love this work and I am so happy. Yes it`s hard. Yes there are days when I don`t know how I can keep walking and searching for people. Yes there are moments when I doubt myself and plead with the Lord to turn my many weaknesses into strengths. But the blessings and the experiences and the things I`m learning outweigh any other hardship or disappointments. It`s all about love. It`s hard and frustrating because I really love these people and want to help them and it hurts when I see them turn away from the Lord. But it`s this same love that brings indescribable joy when we are able to help someone come to know their Savior and experience the joy of the gospel in their lives. The Lord is so good and he is always with us just waiting to bless and help. It is us that need to turn our hearts and eyes towards him. Find the gift, take hold of it, and never let go. Help others find and experience it too. It brings the most beautiful and deepest joy. 

Love you all! Thank you for the support and prayer. 

Hermana Cox

 (Just an update on my feet :) Haha don`t worry, it looks worse than it feels, i just thought it was a funny picture that explains a little about how they feel at the end of the day. )

Then a cool fruit we ate today which is super delicious. It`s called a chirimulla and tastes like a sweet, yummy soft pear/another yummy flavor. I don`t know how to describe it but it`s good. :)

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