Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015
Hola familia y amigos!

Yep, I`ve officially finished my first transfer in the field! I can`t believe how fast the time has gone, it`s amazing. We find out today whether or not we are going to have transfers or what´s going to happen but both Hermana Ramirez and I feel like she might go. She`s been in Mayorazgo for almost 5 months. But that means that if she does go, I will be leading the area....what?! I will have another trainer to finish up my training but I’ll be the one who knows the area and the people and has to lead everything. Pray for me a lot this week, no matter what happens. But it`s been an amazing 6 weeks and I’ve learned so much.  It`s incredible. Especially from my wonderful companion, she`s the best.

(Hermana Ramirez and I with the little puppy of Rosita, our recent convert)

(A recent convert named Mirium, the one who I bawled with in the lesson my first week or so. :) And her little grandson, Jordi.) 

 I don`t have a ton of time this week but I’ll share a few stories :) 

First of all, our adventure for the week :) First a landslide, then an earthquake, and this week we had no lights for 2 days! Wahooo! Haha!  It`s not really a problem during the day because in the morning we have plenty of windows for natural light and we are gone during the day proselyting, but we spent two nights with flashlights (Thank you dad for telling me to pack 2 of them, they really came in handy :). The first night we had a little Noche de Hogar with the Hermanas there in the dark and it was really fun. One of the Hermanas taught us how to Cha cha :) 

The other cool story I want to share is about our investigator Dinna. She is the sister of a recent convert named Rosita and visits her every weekend here in Mayorazgo but lives in another place. She is trying to move here and we have been teaching her on the weekends when she comes to visit. We invited her to be baptized a few weeks back but she wasn`t too keen on the idea and jokingly told us that maybe in about 10 years she would do it. But then this week we had a lesson with her where she told us that she has been thinking a lot about baptism and feels like it`s what she needs to do. We were thrilled and invited her to commit to May 3rd to be baptized. She said she would think about it and then we helped her say her first prayer as well which was awesome. She is from a little town on the provinces of Peru and speaks Ketchua (I have no idea how to spell it) but is learning Spanish. Then we had another lesson with her this weekend and she told us that she had had a dream. She said she was standing in a grassy field and Jesus Christ was standing in front of her in a white robe with His arms outstretched towards her. She said she felt that He was saying, ¨Come to me¨. How awesome is that!!!! She has a lot of fears about being baptized because it is a huge change in her life but we are trying to help her and teach her all she needs to know to make the decision. It was so awesome to hear about her answer and also gave me a lot of reassurance to know that God really is helping us in the work and will respond to those who are earnestly seeking him. We are His servants, here to speak in His name. It gave me a big confidence boost that we are doing His will and He is backing us up as His missionaries. Miracles. :)

The language is coming along really well and I feel better and better each day. The gift of tongues is so real! I know I’ve said it before but It is amazing how much I`ve learned in the time I’ve been here there is no way it is me. I`m doing so well and learning so much. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Miracles every day, I wish I had time to tell you about them all! Pray for me a lot this week, it should be a great one! Also our recent converts: Rosita, Ruth, Leyner, Fernando, and Elisa. Menos Activos: Lina, Raùl, Paùla, and Mirium. And our investigators: Beatty, Silvia, Dinna, Rosio, Justina, and Maritza. We are going to invite Beatty to be baptized this week! 

Love you all so much! Thank you for all the support, love, and prayers. I feel it:) Hurrah for Israel!!

Hermana Cox

Last pday we went bowling! Super fun and reminded me of home )

(Our pday last week, road trip to centro de Lima, a bunch of shops and stuff. This is our whole Zone)

And then we ate at Burger King after... :)

(Some pics of my area)

The food! The food here is amazing, especially all the breads and fruits. We have a huge plate of fruit in our kitchen of all sorts)

 (This is the meal from our pensionista we ate last night. She is amazing and makes things a little more pizza and nutella crepes in this pic)

(This fruit is called a granadilla, the one I told you about earlier. This picture doesn`t do it justice but it pretty much is a hard outer shell with a liner of foamy feeling stuff and then the actual fruit part looks like snot covered seeds...but it`s yummy! ;)

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