Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

This week flew by but at the same time I feel like so much happened. I´m still getting used to things here in my new area, but loving it more and more every day. I am learning soooo much here, especially with being a trainer. As soon as you have to be the teacher you realize all the things you still don´t know or do perfectly. :) But I’ve been spending a lot of time on my knees and then on my feet trying to do what the Lord wants. It´s a continual process of learning and then teaching what we´ve learned. But I love the things that the Lord has been teaching me and helping me accomplish.

Hermana Saracho is great. We are very very different, but we were able to really have a breakthrough this week in our relationship and it´s gotten so much better. Lots of patience, love, and humility. I know we are together for a reason and that we will both touch each other´s lives for the better. Please keep praying for us and for the people we are teaching. 

This week we started off a little rough and weren´t having a lot of success, but the Lord always blesses us as we don´t give up and keep giving everything we have. This week we found so many people who really need us and the gospel in their lives. We´ve been really trying to focus on using lots of inspired questions in our lessons and using the spirit to help us find out what the people really need. We´ve seen miracles and had so many lessons where the investigator just breaks down crying and tells us all. The spirit knows what the people need, we don´t. Our job is to be receptive and willing to listen so that he can communicate the message to us and help us know what to say.

I know this is really short, but I’m out of time. Seeing miracles every day. Keep praying for us here in Chosica! Thank you for all the love and support, I really feel it and it strengthens me to keep going. Got a fun little package from my family with some sweet messages from my ward that really lifted my spirits. Thank you so much. :) Love you all and hope all is well. Trust in the Lord and rely on his strength when you don´t feel that you have your own. 

Hermana Cox

 New outfit mom sent in my package.  I love it!!!

 Thought you´d enjoy some pics of the new area. Much poorer and dirtier than my other areas, but I love it. :)

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