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Monday, September 14, 2015
Hola Familia y Amigos!!!!

Well this week flew by! Lots of difficult moments but also many many miracles. I´m realizing more and more that there is so much more to this life than I think we really understand. Lately I’ve had a lot of little teaching moments where the spirit has whispered to my heart and helped me step back to see the bigger picture, to understand a little better this great plan of happiness he has prepared for us. We visit so many people every day and each one is so different with problems and challenges that are so unique to them, however, God´s plan is still the same. The gospel is still the answer. It´s something I am coming to understand more and more in the mission and it never ceases to amaze me how good the Lord is. How perfect is his plan. How great is his love and desire to see us succeed. I can´t really describe my feelings in words. :) 

I´ve been slacking on my stories lately so I’ll try and tell a little more about some of our investigators. :)

Yesterday we went to visit a lady named M.... She works for a lady who feeds the missionaries so that is how she came in contact with the church. She said that every now and then she eats along with the Elders and talks with them and that they have really helped her with some problems she has now in her life. She talked about how much peace she felt around them and that she was looking for that in her life. The Elders passed us the referral and we got to go visit her yesterday. She also has a son named C... who is 12 and she wants him to listen with her. We just talked for a while about her experience with the Elders and then shared a scripture with her in John 16:33 about the peace that Christ gives us. She started crying and told us this is really what she wants in her life. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it and let us know how she feels as we continue teaching her. Please pray for her. :) 

We are also teaching a boy named J... who is the son of a less active woman. Before I got here the missionaries were teaching him and he didn´t want to hear anything from them. He sat super bored at the table, made rude comments about how what the missionaries were saying didn´t matter to him and that he didn´t even believe in God. But as we´ve really tried to change our way of teaching and try to understand him more and why he responds the way he does, the spirit has helped us know how to reach him. He had some close family members pass away recently and he is hurting. We were able to find this out and help him realize the love God has for him and process the situation better. He is now coming to church and has almost accepted a baptismal date for October. Please keep praying for him as well as his family. 

Yesterday President Boswell (our mission president) came to speak in our ward which was really fun to see him. We are clear out on the edge of the mission so we don´t get to see him as often as I used to in my other areas. But the first speakers left lots of time for him...40 min. to speak so he called on me to give a talk before he spoke. Luckily I had something prepared and it went well but it was fun to get to speak with him. He´s a great man and is such a blessing for me here. 

Just another week of searching for souls and being led by the spirit to those who are searching for the truth. In our area we basically live on the side of a huge hill so everything is either up or down...but usually up. :) Lots of stairs that we climb every day...usually 2 or 3 times. And the past few days we´ve been looking for service opportunities and helping people carry bags and other things up to their houses at the top of the hill. Let’s just say my legs and arms are getting huge...probably partially from the climbing and the other part from all the rice we eat every day. :) I have pictures but my computer isn´t working well today so I’ll try to send them next week. 

Love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support. I know the Lord loves us and is very aware of every single thing we are going through. He wants to help us and teach us. This week I read Elder Uchtdorf´s talk from this past conference about the Gift of Grace. Wow, I learned so much. It´s not God´s plan to try and erase all our sins so that we will be clean and be able to enter his presence. If that were the goal then what is the point of coming to a fallen, sinful world? His plan is much greater than that. He sent us here to learn and grow. And because of his grace, we will not just be clean again, but overcome our weaknesses, learn, and become someone different. Become like him. His grace gives us power to move forward, not to rewind and undue. I invite you all to read his talk and really ponder about what his grace means to you and how you can access it´s power in your life. 

Love you all, Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Cox

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