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Monday, September 21, 2015

Familia y Amigos,

Wow, what an excellent week! It started out with an awesome P-day hearing from my family and receiving support and love from them. I was especially touched by some news from my mom about an aunt I have who has always been a shining example to me. Her name is Sherri and right now she is battling stage 4 cancer in her brain, eye, and spine. On Monday my mom told me that they´ve now found it spreading into her lungs. We found out about her cancer before I came on the mission and I told my mom to keep me updated on how she was doing. Even though she is fighting for her life, her attitude is exemplary. She has completely put her life in the Lord´s hands and is using this trial as an opportunity to learn and grow closer to the Lord. She frequently posts about her faith, how it´s helping her to continue on every day, and the things she is learning from this whole experience. She always talks about "her miracle" and really believes that the Lord can heal her. This week however, my mom sent me what she has written recently about how she´s doing. My aunt talked about how for so long she has had such firm faith that God would provide her "her miracle" and she would be able to beat this cancer, however recently she has been realizing that the miracle has been happening all along. She talked about how her relationship with Christ has increased dramatically, she understands the atonement in a whole new light, and most of all she has seen that she herself has completely changed and is becoming more and more like Christ. She said that for her, this is the greatest miracle of all. 

It reminded me of a quote that I have from Elder Dallin H. Oaks that says, 

"Changing bodies or protecting temples are miracles, but an even greater miracle is a mighty change of heart by a son or daughter of God. A change of heart, including new attitudes, priorities, and desires is greater and more important than any miracle involving the body. I repeat, the body will be resurrected in any event, but a change affecting what the scriptures call the "heart" of a spirit son or daughter of God is a change whose effect is eternal. If of the right kind, the change opens the door to the process of repentance that cleanses us to dwell in the presence of God. It introduces the perspective and priorities that lead us to make the choices that qualify us for eternal life, "the greatest of all the gifts of God."

 It got me thinking so much about how good God is and how great his plan is. Then we got to go and listen to Elder Godoy from the 70 on Wednesday talk about our worth and potential as missionaries and as children of God, and about how we should not only be in the process of changing lives of others, but of our own, it really made a profound impact on me. Then to add the cherry on top, we got to go to the temple with the ward on Friday and bring our recent convert as well as 2 more from the other Hermanas. What a beautiful experience to bring these precious souls to the house of God and let them taste of the joy that is there and what they can feel as they continue on this path and draw closer to him. As I sat and talked with L..., our recent convert, she kept expressing to me how happy she was but yet how sad that she hadn´t accepted the gospel into her life sooner. Almost all of her kids are members and she just recently decided it was her turn to join the church. It´s so amazing to see the love and mercy God has for each one of his children and the great plan he has for each of us. We are here to become like him, to grow, to learn, to change. And that is the greatest miracle of all, the most important miracle to him. 

I love being a missionary and I receive so much joy from seeing the changes in the lives of the people. We really saw miracles this week and know the Lord is with us in our work. Please keep praying for J...y, J..., and Y.... Also I... Q... and her family. They are recently activated members and she is separated from her husband and struggling to make ends meet. And it doesn´t help that her husband keeps coming around to cause trouble. 

Hope you all have a great week! Remember to keep the eternal perspective in mind and look for how the Lord is working his miracles in your life. How is he changing you and how are you becoming the person he created you to be. Love you all!!!

Hermana Cox

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