Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Wow, what a week!!! It´s been so busy but I am so grateful for that because I haven´t had time to feel homesick for Thanksgiving festivities. We had a bunch of meetings and also did 2 intercambios with Hermanas in our rebaño (flock). :) An intercambio is when my companion and I split up with another companionship of Hermanas and spend 24 hours together learning from one another and helping each other. It is a great experience to learn and grow and also great practice with following the spirit to know how to help the Hermanas. Loved it. :) Our area is progressing, slowly but surely. Super rich areas are a little harder but with lots of faith and diligence we know we will see miracles. :) 

I´m glad you all had a great Thanksgiving! They don´t celebrate it here, but our Pension did make us a Thanksgiving lunch which was super sweet. Peruvian style with steak, chicken, hot dog, rice (of course), Veggies, Potato, Sweet potato, and boiled banana. With a little cream pie to top it off. Super sweet of her. :) 

I don´t have much time but we did see many miracles this week. The Lord truly is leading this work and preparing his children to receive his word. Please pray for my companion, F..., A..., J..., L..., K..., and Familia G.... 

Love you so much!!!! I´m so excited for this Christmas season to be here and be able to dedicate this season to testifying of Christ as his representative. What will you give as a gift to Christ this year? This month I am going to be studying of his life and really dedicate time to get to know and serve him so that I can better find him in my life. Love you all so much!!!!

Hermana Cox

 Samantha with her Pension (the lady who cooks her dinners), her Companion, and the other companionship that is fed by the Pension.

Samantha's little sister, Kylee, sent a letter.  Letters make Sammy very happy especially when they come from Kylee.

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