Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos! 

I don`t have much time this week but we`ve been super busy! Lots of Christmas preparations and little miracles every day. We had intercambios with some sisters which is always a great learning experience for me...and it also happened to be in my old area of Mayorazgo!!! That is where I started my mission and spent 3 transfers so it was so fun to go back and see so many people I love so much. I love being able to go back and see people still faithful and still progressing in the gospel. 

This week my testimony was especially strengthened of the beauty of the Plan of Salvation. I know we lived with God before this life and that we were sent here for a purpose to learn and grow. I know that this life is not the end. In Alma 40:11-12 it teaches us that after we leave this earth we are taken home to the God who gave us life and dwell in a state of happiness, peace, and rest. There is still much to do to prepare for the day that we will all be resurrected again with perfect bodies and stand before our Lord to be judged. According to our deeds and desires we will be awarded our final dwelling place, hopefully in the Celestial kingdom with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, along with our family and loved ones. What great joy, what great peace.

This Christmas season I am grateful for my Savior who came and was born on this earth as he promised. He too lived and walked among men, living a perfect life and giving a perfect example. He too died and his spirit went to the Spirit World where he organized the missionary efforts for those who had died without a knowledge of him. He rose from the grave as promised and appeared to those he loved with a perfect, resurrected body. In this Christmas season he calls to us with open arms to come to him, to learn of his life, to follow his example. This Christmas season I remember His life, His promises, His love. He came, He lived, He died, and He lived again. HE is the best gift we have ever and will ever receive. I love him. I trust him. Because of him I have peace. Because of him I know who I am. Because of him I know no earthly sorrow is lasting. I know death has no sting. I love my Savior and am so grateful for him. Remember Him this season. Take time to ponder about what his life means to you and what you will give to him. 

I love you all so much and hope you have a very merry happy Christmas, filled with beautiful memories and peace. 

Hermana Cox

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