Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Well, here I am again finishing up another transfer. It´s gone by so quickly I can´t even believe it. But so much has happened and I’ve learned so much. I see miracles every day and I pray that I will never lose my wonder and gratitude for what the Lord gives us every day. 

Interviews with President Boswell

I don´t have much time but this transfer has been amazing and has taught me so much about the power and importance of this work. As I shared last week, my testimony of the Restoration has solidified and my trust in the prophet and all the Lord´s chosen servants. I KNOW that President Monson is called of God and that he receives revelation from God for our day. Many things will happen in these last days and Satan is working harder than ever. I´ve seen evidence of that more than ever in my mission. But we will never be led astray if we follow the prophets. Our thoughts not God´s thoughts and he knows what´s best. Yet he wants us to understand and be able to trust in his will. If we have a question, he has given us the resources to find answers and receive revelation and confirmation if we search with real intent. We are agents and the Lord will guide us as we search diligently to know his will. I´ve learned that in my mission and especially this transfer.

I´m out of time, but a little miracle of the week. We were trying to find a lady we had contacted and weren’t sure where she lived for sure. We tried knocking on a door and a woman answered. She was washing her clothes and didn´t really want to talk to us, but we were persistent and tried to share a little message with her, even though she wasn´t the woman we were looking for. As we kept talking she realized that we were "Mormons" and got super excited. She told us she has friends who are members and one time was at their house when the Elders came and shared a message with them. She let us in and we were able to talk with her and her 3 kids. She is super excited and we invited them to be baptized which they accepted. Now we just need to get them to come to church and they are golden. The Lord works in mysterious ways. :) 

Love you all and hope you have a great week. We´ll see where I’m writing from next week...hopefully still here in Chosica!!!!

Love you all so much!

Hermana Cox

 Our cookout for pday...Peruvian style :)

Carne y puree de papas (meat and mashed potatoes) The mashed potatoes are American style. :) Here in Peru they are really runny and smooth. 

This is a picture of Hermana Cox waving to her mom (me) as we were emailing back and forth on Monday.  It was awesome to communicate like we were texting.  Love this girl

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