Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hola Familia y amigos!!!

Wow, another transfer come and gone!!! I can´t believe how fast time is flying. But I’ve learned so much these past 6 weeks and many life lessons that I know the Lord needed me to learn to prepare me better for life and to be an instrument in his hands later on. 

Wow, CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!! We have been waiting anxiously all week to hear what our beloved leaders had to say to us and wow did I learn so much. I woke up Saturday morning and had the biggest smile and seriously felt like it was Christmas! We got to watch all 4 sessions and I felt the spirit and received revelation in every one. I learned a lot about the spirit and the importance of seeking his guidance and following the revelation we receive. From Elder Uchtdorf the importance of living the gospel purely and simply. The gospel really is simple and sometimes we get lost in complicating things and forget the pure simplicity and beauty. I want to simplify and focus on what is really important, which is being 100% devoted and dedicated to the Lord and developing my love for Jesus Christ so that I am willing to follow all he has asked us to do. So many testimonies and powerful talks about the reality of prophets and apostles in our day and that we can really receive revelation from them for our needs in these times. We are so blessed to have the church and the restored gospel on the earth. Also a lot about the Sabbath day. We have been receiving a ton of training and focus on this commandment in these past few weeks here in Peru and I’m sure it´s the same all over the world. This commandment is so important and is being broken so easily and readily. It´s so important and I am really going to try and do better with watching my attitude on Sundays and that it´s showing the Lord how much he means to me. Also preparing seriously for the sacrament and remembering Christ and renewing my covenants with him. That way I can receive the important promise to have his spirit with me always. So much more I want to share but no time!

My conference meal :) When they say chicken, they mean the whole chicken. :) Also the other one is the Elder next to me.

Our sunday lunch in between conference. Mangos and peruvian style spaghetti. They make everything with chicken. :)

It´s transfers tomorrow so we will see what happens! I wouldn´t be surprised if Hermana, Saracho and I stay here together but I guess we´ll see! I´ve learned a lot from her and we have grown together. :)

I love you all so much! Sorry for the shortness this week! I´ll try and write more about investigators and the work next week. But please pray for Medalyt, Monica and Jeremy Aycho, Milagros Aycho oand her family, Yudith, Jovanah, The Capcha family, and just that people can start keeping their commitments, progress, and COME TO CHURCH! Thanks so much!

I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth and I am so grateful to not only be a part of it, but to be able to share this knowledge with everyone here in Peru. I love the Lord so much and I know he lives and loves us. We have a divine purpose and plan for our lives, and with the help of the Lord and his spirit, we will be led to be instruments in his hands. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Cox

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