Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My cute companion and I :)

What an awesome week!!!!!! We had interviews with President yesterday which is why we are having pday today. :) My testimony of the power the Lord gives to his servants has grown so much in this time here. I know that the Lord inspires his chosen servants and reveals to them the necessary words and counsel that need to be given. I left feeling like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders and a feeling of peace in my heart. I could feel that the Lord really was pleased with my offering and that he loves me, imperfections and all. It´s something I’ve been really worried about my whole mission, what does the Lord think of my service? President shared a scripture with me in Helaman 10: 4-5 that was an answer to that prayer and desire to know and even though I don´t feel at times like I deserve to have my name placed there along with Nephi, I have faith that the Lord spoke through him and through the scriptures to calm my heart and lift my spirit. I haven´t been a perfect missionary, but I do feel peace in my heart that the Lord is pleased with what I´ve offered. I also felt mucho más tranquila (more calm) about what my plans are heading back home and that it´s going to be a beautiful life ahead of me. 

This week I was super sick which made things a little difficult, but I felt that I had to rely on the Lord every day for the strength and support I needed. He in turn blessed me with that strength and much much more. It was a week of miracles. :) One of my favorites happened with a family who just moved here into the ward. We were walking in the street looking for an address and the wife, R..., came up to us and asked us where the closest church was. We gave her a contact card with the direction and she told us that she was a member but inactive, however, she wants to return to the church. Her husband isn´t a member but agreed to let us come by and visit them. On Saturday night we went to visit and we began talking and the husband started telling us all the things he didn´t like about the church or things he´d heard about the Mormons. The wife was trying to correct him and explain that many of those things weren´t true, but she is only a member of about 2 years and went inactive after 10 months so she didn´t have a lot of answers for him. My companion and I both felt the impression to just let him keep talking and get out all he wanted to say. As we listened to him his critical comments began to lighten up and he started sharing some of the things he did like about the church. We were able to gain his confidence and explain a few of questions. We then decided to share a Mormon message but weren’t sure exactly which one. We just chose one that we had watched with a family earlier that week called "Amor durdadero" about the grandpa with Parkinson´s who takes care of his wife who can´t speak or do anything for herself. After the video ended he was very quiet and we asked him how he felt. He looked at us and just started bawling. He proceeded to tell us about how he had a sickness as well that almost killed him about a year ago and it´s something he will have to fight with for the rest of his life. His wife stuck with him through it all and was a great blessing to him. We began to testify of eternal families and that we can be sealed to our spouses and children for all eternity in the temple. It really hit home and he opened up to us and even accepted the invitation to pray and ask if the church is really true. We also invited him to be baptized if he came to feel that our message was true and he agreed. It was such a beautiful experience and we were all in tears. It´s amazing how the spirit works through us as missionaries and the Lord knows each one of his children. A..., the husband, started out so defensive and hard-hearted but when we followed the spirit we could reach right into his heart and help him understand. Before we left we all knelt down to pray and he offered a very sincere and powerful prayer thanking the Lord for our visit, for our message, and for the chance his family has to learn and become a forever family. How beautiful!!!!!! I love teaching the gospel with all my heart. Sometimes I forget how beautiful and important our message is that we carry, but it´s moments like these when I feel the spirit testify to my heart just as strongly as to those who are listening that it really is true. I love this gospel, I love my Savior, I love my Father in Heaven and am so grateful for his plan of happiness. I can´t wait to see this family keep progressing. :) 

Time is flying, but the blessings just keep coming. I´m so happy and so grateful for every chance I have to share my testimony with others. Never forget to nurture that knowledge. We are at war and Satan is working so hard to weaken the Lord´s soldiers. We are fighting for the souls of God, including ours, and Christ is our captain. That fight is getting every day more intense and we must put on our armor every morning. Read the scriptures, pray with real intent, go to church and keep the Sabbath day holy, pay tithing, serve others, and never forget to thank the Lord for every blessing he sends us. I know we will win and I know we will receive our grand reward of eternal life. It´s not easy and we can´t arrive at the celestial kingdom by accident. The Lord needs agents, he needs strong warriors, and he needs them for life. Love you all so much! Stay strong and find joy in living the gospel every day. Have a wonderful week!!!!


Hermana Cox

Wow, I´m gonna miss Peruvian food!!

Eating our turkey leg at a member´s house. :)

Our ward mission leader is the best and bought us donuts!!!!! Dunkin donuts at that!!! :)

Our FHE with the S... family (recent converts) and our two awesome investigators, G... and A... Ramos. They are planning on getting married in August so they can get baptized!! :)

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