Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

This week was another one of running around and trying to keep up with the work of two areas. I love being busy but it sure does get exhausting sometimes. :) We set a goal to take our recent converts that still haven´t gone to the temple yet on the 23rd to do baptisms. They are getting super excited about it and so am I! :)

We also had many miracles this week with Investigators getting to the sacrament meeting. We were planning on bringing one of our investigators, C..., and we planned to meet her at the bus stop but when we got there, she wasn´t there. We tried calling but her phone was off and we were going to be late so we just went, praying that somehow she would miraculously show up. We also have another investigator that was going to be picked up by a family but that family called us in the morning to tell us the dad was in the emergency room and they wouldn´t be able to bring him. He lives far away and we didn´t have time to get him but we didn´t have his number either to communicate. We thought of a new convert that lives pretty close and called to ask if she could get him. She had no idea where his house was and we don´t have an exact direction either because we always visit him in his store. We just gave her the best directions we could and then prayed she would be able to find him in time for them both to make it to church. We got to Sacrament meeting and we didn´t see any investigators and were feeling a little bummed out, but then to our surprise just as the opening song was starting we saw C... walk in with a member that lives in her building that she had decided to go with instead. We were super excited and she looked really happy to be there. Then about 2 min. later J... (our other investigator) walked in with the new convert (R...) as well. She had somehow been able to find him and they both made it there on time. Later we had 3 more investigators come in with members that we had forgotten to call and remind. It was a fun day at church having them all there and seeing how great the ward was to help them and befriend them. I am so grateful for the members who help us and for the little miracles we see every day in the Lord´s work. We are all one big team and he helps us as we put forth our best efforts. 

Our area is doing well and we are working with some awesome families...but many of them are living together and not married. We are still working hard with them and seeing progress but we will have to be a little patient with the marriage paper process. The good news is that they are willing and are putting forth their efforts. The Lord will bless them for that. My companion is the best and is such a hard worker. She keeps me focused and helps me not overstress with her jokes and humor. :) She has been having a lot of foot pain this week and it´s gotten really swollen. We´ve had to walk around really slow this week which is always difficult, but I feel the Lord is teaching me patience and a lot of love instead of getting frustrated. It´s an opportunity to serve and show compassion. :) Please pray for her that she can get better soon! 

Every day is a blessing and I only pray that I can continue to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands and do his will. This week I decided I want to stop focusing on all the things I still lack or wanted to accomplish or learn while here on my mission and just focus on being grateful for all the experiences and blessings the Lord gives me each day. If I do my part, he´ll take care of the rest and teach me what I need to learn. I love him and am so grateful for this time I have to serve him. Keep serving others, keep nurturing your testimony every day, keep loving as the Lord taught us how. Unconditionally and unselfishly. How did you like the talk? Awesome, right?! Hope you had the opportunity to read and study it. :) 

Love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support!!!! Keep the prayers coming this way for the R... Family (get married and keep progressing), V... Family (Same), N... (get married and that her boyfriend will come back to church), J... (with his job and also that he can keep progressing. He will be moving to Chile in a week so we want to send his referral there), S... (have support from her family), M... (time for us to visit her), O... and N... (get married and come to church), and V... family (Same). Also F... and M..., C..., E..., and M...A... that they can get everything ready to go to the temple next week!! 

Until next week!!

Love, Hermana Cox

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