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Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola Familia y Amigos! 

Haha so transfers were last week.....but I am staying here in Mayorazgo!!!! Wahooo!!!! AND staying with Hermana Davis!! Haha we are super excited and planning on having another awesome cambio juntos. :) This will be my third transfer here so almost 100% sure I’ll leave next transfer but I’m super grateful to have another transfer here with all these people I love so much. It will be a big test of my diligence to make sure I don`t get too comfortable with the work here and to keep searching, finding, teaching, and inviting everyone to come to Christ. It was a pretty normal week, nothing too exciting.

On Tuesday we were walking to an appointment and a man stopped us on the street and asked if we were Mormons. We told him that we were and he got super excited and asked if we could come visit him. He said he`d been contacted by the Elders and liked what he heard but didn`t know how to get more information. We told him we could come visit him after our appointment and talk to him more about the church. We went to his house and were just stunned. It was super nice and nothing like what we were used to seeing. We walked into his office to talk and on the walls he had a million certificates and awards and things all over and everything looked super professional and nice. We found out he is a lawyer here in Peru and is interested in religions and learning about them. So basically he just wanted information and facts about the church and it`s organization and everything which made it a little difficult to teach and feel the spirit, but we still invited him to read the information we left him and pray about it. We`ll see what happens. :)

We also had a lesson with a lady who we`ve committed to baptism, but we found out her and her "husband" aren`t married, just living together. So she can`t get baptized until she`s married or moves out but they already have nothing and 3 kids to take care of. It was hard to have to tell her but I hope she has the faith to work through it. It`s super hard to get married here in Peru, super expensive and tons of paperwork. So there are a lot of people that just live together. But the Elders in our ward had a baptism yesterday and she came to watch and got super excited so hopefully that will help her with her desire to keep working towards marriage and then baptism! Please pray for Ana. :)

Silvia is still amazing, we had a lesson with her yesterday. She has accepted really everything we`ve talked about but has a few doubts about the BOM -  what it is and why and how we got it. But we challenged her to read from it and pray to know if it`s true so we hope she will and can feel the spirit testify to her. She is super receptive to the spirit and every lesson is a spiritual feast. At the end of our lesson she just kept talking about how grateful she was that she found us and that God put us in her path. She asked if we can still stay in touch after we leave Peru. :) We told her that of course we could and that because of the gospel we know that we can be Forever Friends. :) It`s amazing to see the love I have developed for people I’ve only recently met and the sincere desire I have for their happiness and wellbeing. Keep praying for her. She knows it`s true, she`s just scared to leave what she knows. And she also needs to come to church...once she comes she`ll feel the spirit and it`ll be a huge step for her. :)

The members here are amazing and we`ve been working on inviting more of them to accompany us in lessons. We have a few youth that are planning on serving missions too so they`ve been with us a lot and it`s awesome! The members have such a huge influence for good. This week find someone with whom you can share the gospel, in one way or another. I promise you`ll be glad you did. It brings a joy and peace we can`t feel in any other way. :)

I`m doing so well here and love being a missionary. The Lord is in his work and I can see his hand every day. It`s incredible to feel and see his love for the people and see the change and the happiness that comes into their lives when they come to know Christ and accept his gospel in their lives. I hope all is well back home, sounds like everyone is having a blast with all their summer plans. Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support. Love you all so much! Hurrah for Israel!!

Hermana Cox

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