Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hola familia y amigos!!!

Survived another week here in beautiful Peru! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine´s day! We did here! Minus the lovey dovey stuff of course cuz we’re missionary now :) But we got candy from the CCM and I cracked open my big symphony chocolate bar I brought. I also read your letters again so that made me happy.

 We´ve been working hard and learning so much and every day gets better and better. We went to Interpol this week to work on our Visas and I met a guy from Chiclayo Peru there and talked to him quite a bit. It´s so fun to be able to speak to people, even though I’m still just a little baby at Spanish. :) We just had to get a bunch of finger prints and have a guy check our teeth and stuff like that. We also made a trip to the orthodontist for my companion because she broke her permanent retainer eating a doughnut...random I know. But it was fun to go!! It looked pretty similar to a regular office except that there was only one seat and everything looked a little older and dirtier, but besides that it was the same! And he fixed her up all right so I guess I don´t need to worry about breaking my retainer here.

(Sisters in my district.)

One day this week our teacher let us listen to church music while we studied and it was seriously so wonderful. We aren´t allowed to listen to our music here in the CCM so it was so nice to hear music again! I didn´t really realize how much I missed music until we got to listen. It brings the spirit so quickly and we were all able to study so much better!

Then of course Sunday was awesome as always. We get a lot of study time and devotionals so it is just a spiritual feast all day. I love it! It fills up my bucket for the week. It helps me remember my purpose here and gets me so excited to be out in the field!!

I am so happy here and I’m trying to be the best missionary I can. I have to totally dedicate my life cuz I won´t ever have a time like this when I can completely dedicate everything to the Lord and have no distractions. I can´t waste a single day because I know it will fly by! It already has! I´m half way through my stay at the CCM and then I’ll be out in the real world.

(Views from my window of the CCM)

(A view of the CCM)

We got to go to the temple again today for P-day which I always love. We had the new missionaries with us and one of their translators stopped working so I gave mine to her and did the whole session in Spanish!! Wahoo! I was praying so hard but it was definitely a miracle for me. I see miracles every day, big and small, and it´s so amazing when I stop and look at it all. We also did a little shopping which is always fun and I talked to a bunch of people in Spanish. I´m getting more and more comfortable every day with speaking, but it´s a lot of work.

(Missionaries in my district)

We have a new teacher though and she´s amazing! She is so nice and explains things so well. And the best part is she gives us hugs and tells us she loves us and stuff. It´s so nice to have someone who we feel comfortable talking with and who really cares. Our old teacher is still good but he´s a guy so he´s not really the touchy, feely type. :) But all the teachers are awesome and they help us so much. Our lessons are improving every day and we´ve gotten to the point that we are able to express almost everything we want in Spanish as we teach. It´s slow and sometimes doesn’t make a ton of sense, but practice makes perfect. Plus it´s all about the spirit anyway. We´ve had a few lessons where the spirit has been so strong and I really feel like I’m helping and teaching someone. It´s hard to want to end lessons like that and have to remember it wasn’t real. I can´t wait to teach real investigators and see their lives change!!!! Overall it´s been a really good week and I am honestly so happy here. I feel the Lord teaching and helping me every day and I love him more and more.

Thanks for sharing stuff about the family history you are doing! I honestly have been thinking a lot about that this week and wanted to ask you if you would share some stories about them you are learning every once in a while. Just email me and I can read them whenever I get the chance. It may sound strange but there have been so many times when I feel like I am being watched over by them or encouraged by them. I realized that here on a mission the only names I am distinguished by are Hermana (sister), Cox (the name of my family), and Christ. That´s whose names are on my heart every day and it´s who I represent here. I wish I would have gotten to know my ancestors better before but I hope I can still do some learning now. So keep up with that! I honestly feel that the more we get to know them, the more they can help us in our lives and we can feel there influence because we have that relationship. And trust me, I want all the help and comfort I can get out here from any source! :) So neat.

Missions are the best! Hope all is going well at home! Love you all so much! :)

Con amor,

Hermana Cox

Girls in my district, Hermana Vernon and Hermana Samuels (One of my comps)

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